Jungle Safari Into The Tiger Reserve

Don your wild gear, grab your cameras, and drive into Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve twice a day, through the Khutwanda gate [a 12-minute drive from t@g] or the Moharli gate [a 17-minute drive from t@g] in the open 4WD vehicle for wildlife viewing along the dirt roads and in the lush meadows of the reserve.

(1-6 guests in a gypsy)


Game viewing in the Tadoba zones

The most unusual activity in Tadoba is the wildlife viewing in the forests adjacent the core, managed by the local communities. Feel good about the direct benefits of your safari going straight to the locals. As you enjoy the sunset at the Irai reservoir on your drive back to tigress@ghosri, keep an eye open for the Leopard or the Sloth bear may cross the dirt road on your drive back.

(1-6 guests in a gypsy)


Tree bathing: The 5-sense hike

Explore the woods on foot, be a part of the forest eco-system. A walk in the bush in the buffer forest, follow the narrow animal trails, walk to the lakes, feel the forest.

A 2 hour walk in the forest with our trained staff

(Chargeable: extra. Minimum group size: 3)


Jungle patrol

Learn the ways of monitoring wildlife through indirect signs of tigers and leopards, sloth bears and the deer. Walk on the tracks used by the large cats. Follow their pugmarks, create your own foot prints along theirs.

A 3-hour foot patrol with our trained staff.

(Chargeable extra, Minimum group size: 3)


Birding trails

Walk in the pristine forest, along lakes and meadows, farmlands and trails. Enjoy the morning birding with our naturalists.

A two-hour walk (Chargeable:extra) minimum group size - 3

Experience wildlife conservancies

Tigress@ghosri is the first private conservancy and has been showcased around the country. Learn more about the transition from a barren parcel of land to being a home to the tigers. See the caves and the natural dwellings of the night creatures on the hills.

A 3 hour walk around the conservancy and the adjoining hills (chargeable extra) minimum group size - 3


The Machaan Experience

Spend a few hours with our trained staff on a machaan, a hide on a tree, observe wild animals in their undisturbed habitat.

Be a Conservationist

Spend some time in the woods, learn about the tracks and the trails of large cats, capturing them on camera traps and more, take home the tiger by making plaster casts of pug marks that you find on the trails, carry these casts home with memories of the wild.

(Chargeable: extra, Minimum group size: 3)


Tiger taka viewing

The taka that came to be before the house did on the property is a favorite watering hole to the large cats and the small nocturnal animals. Watch the taka from the terrace on a full moon night or from the comfort of the cozy interior on the monitor through the night. Experience the feel of sitting on a machaan by the water hole in the comfort and safety of the villa. See the natural behavior and activities of the wildlife through the day and night.

Tigers in our backyard

Tigress@ghosri is an unfenced conservancy with a regular presence of wildlife on the property. Experience the tiger growls by the moonlight and the calling of the chital to warn their pack of the presence of the large cat, from the safety of the open spaces of the Villa and Neem.