The story of the Tigress at Ghosri


Sounds of tiny paws on the dry teak leaves near the verandah of the villa at sunset.... 4 pairs of tiger eyes emerged from the bush, barely a few metres from where we stood.... the tigress with her three young cubs had come again to the Tiger taka, the water saucer on the property. This time not with her mother as she did as a cub, but with her very own family. She is the tigress of Ghosri and this parcel of land is named after her. The tiger taka is her favourite watering hole through the sweltering summer, the wet monsoons and the crisp winters.  

tigress@ghosri - A wilderness experience

Nestled amidst the hills in the north western part of the buffer of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is tigress@ghosri, a boutique hotel surrounded by wilderness. Unfenced, with lush forest on the property, a stay at tigress@ghosri is the complete wild experience.

With its exclusive ‘Villa’ and a cottage ‘Neem’, tigress@ghosri can accommodate 12-18 guests in the comfort of the 6 luxurious bedrooms.  

Experience a stay at tigress@ghosri, enjoy the secluded, away-from-habitation epitome of serenity, wilderness and co-existence with wildlife.

“The Wildlife Super Highway”
— CNN 'The Wonder List'

Wild visitors at tigress@ghosri

tigress@ghosri, an unfenced, thickly forested private conservancy, nurtured and protected from threats is a haven for wildlife. Bought as a barren parcel of land, it has been nurtured into a lush forest, and is home to an array of birds and an assortment of large and not so large wild animals. The Tiger Taka and the Leopard pool, the two small water saucers that have been at tigress@ghosri for more than 15 years. With their thick green cover and the undisturbed surroundings, they are the favourite watering holes for the wild animals. Visits of wild animals are recorded 24x7 and can be seen live on the monitor within the comfort of the villa.