Frequently Asked Questions


  • Are tiger sightings frequent in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve?

Yes, tiger sightings are very frequent in the park. Most visitors go back happy. 

  • What else can I see in the park through my safari?

    The habitat is beautiful, the relocated village agricultural fields have become stunning vast meadows with wildlife springing back. Tadoba is a haven for birds. Do ask your guide to slow down for these tiny marvels as well.

  • What is the best time of the year for wildlife viewing?

October - March is the best time to enjoy the forest. Herbivores are seen in large numbers and tiger and leopard sightings are also frequent.

April – June is the best time to view wildlife. The hot pinch period brings them closer to water sources and sightings are almost assured. 

  • When does the park close for monsoon?

Tadoba is closed for the monsoon from 1st July to mid October 

  • Is the property safe since it is unfenced?

Yes, the the villa and the pool are fenced and are safe,  the rest of the property is unfenced and may have wildlife presence on it. 

  • Do you have power cuts?

Yes, this area like the rural landscape suffers power cuts, but we have battery back ups in each room along with a Generator

  • How does one book the jungle safaris?

The safaris have to be booked through the government website The safaris for 2-4 months are more expensive than the ones booked within 2 months. Tatkal quota opens 3 days before the safari date and is 4 times the price of the regular safari

  • Where is the nearest medical assistance?

Very basic medical facility is available at the nearest village and other facilities are available at Chandrapur (40 km) 

  • Where is the nearest ATM?

The nearest ATM is in Chandrapur (40 km) and Nagpur (130 km)

  • What is special about the Tadoba zone tourism

The local community manages and benefits from these tourism zones that are in the buffer area of the tiger reserve. These areas are adjacent to the core without any fencing between them. Wildlife movement is seen all over.