Jungle Safari into the Tiger Reserve 

Don your wild gear, grab your cameras, and drive into Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve twice a day, through the Khutwanda gate [a 12-minute drive from t@g] or the Moharli gate [a 20-minute drive from t@g] in the open 4WD vehicle for wildlife viewing along the dirt roads and in the lush meadows of the reserve. 

* We are happy to facilitate the gypsy rentals and get you the best guides.

* Safari timing - Mornings 6am - 11am, Evenings - 3pm - 6:30 pm

* Book Safaris on mahaecotourism.gov.in; Park Safari remains closed on all Tuesdays

Game viewing in the Buffer Forest

The most unusual activity in Tadoba is the wildlife viewing outside the core in the buffer forests, managed by the local communities. Feel good about the direct benefits of your safari going straight to the locals. As you enjoy the sunset at the Irai reservoir on your drive back to tigress@ghosri, keep an eye open for the Leopard that may cross the dirt road on your drive back.

We will help book your buffer safaris, get you the best guides and the rental gypsy.

* Safari Timings- Morning 6am - 11 pm, Evening 3 pm - 6:30 pm

* Buffer Safari remains closed on all Wednesdays, Buffer safaris available from Alijhanjha,  

  Dewada, Junona, Kolara, Ramdegi, Agarjhari Zones