Nature walks

Wear your walking shoes, carry your binoculars and spend the morning with our trained staff, walking along jungle trails and the meandering dirt tracks. Feel the warmth of the green, watch the wild creatures from up close.

Jungle Patrols

Experience more than the obvious, learn more than the evident. Walk the jungle routes, learn more about the protection efforts and the forest. Spend the morning with our trained patrols looking for threats to wildlife and its home.

The Machaan Experience

Spend a few hours with our trained staff on a machaan, a hide on a tree, observe wild animals in their undisturbed habitat. 

View wildlife in our backyard

Enjoy the sunrise or the sunset viewing the grazers and the browsers on the property. Herds of chital, nilgai and sambar deer can be observed from the safety of the gazeebo or the villa. Nothing can beat the thrill of watching the tiger and the leopard come to the Tiger taka for a drink, while you enjoy the local cuisine in the comfort of the villa.

 The tigress at the Tiger Taka

The tigress at the Tiger Taka

Birding Trails

Drive to the Irai reservoirs Kalapani area in the open 4WD jeep with your binoculars and the bird book to enjoy a birding through a breezy evening, with a thermos full of steaming masala chai.  The thrill of having a Sloth Bear watching you watch the birds is worth a mention in your memoirs.

* Tadoba is home to more than 280 species of bird

Sunset drives

Drive to the Lakes in the buffer to view the stunning setting sun and the silhouettes of the birds flying home to their young, the herbivores settling in for the night and the large cats out on the prowl.

tigress@ghosri - Experience wildlife conservancy

Walk around the conservancy, with its nesting site of the wild boars, the unusual arrival of the flying foxes in the winter, the chital that have made the grassland their home, the array of birds and the fresh pug marks of the tiger that walked here at sunset. 

Experience the making of a private conservancy, and why this is the way forward for wildlife conservation.

Tracking the tiger - Spend a day as a Conservationist

Spend a day with our wildlife trained staff, walking the forest trails, identifying tiger and leopard tracks. Make your very own souvenirs, plaster casts of tiger pugmarks.

Conservation Activities

Know more about the efforts to protect the tiger, the prey and their home. Learn about the use of the GPS and the Camera traps from our trained field staff.